ISBN No.: 978-93-82055-01-3
No. of Pages: 12
Age Group: 3-7 Years
Binding: Paperback
Book Dimensions: 220 x 280mm
Shipping Weight: 110 gms.


Do you believe in magical books? Do you wish your favourite characters come to
life? Your dream is now a reality. Surprise yourself with our amazing 3D book
series. Turn over the pages and watch Aladdin, Alibaba, Snow White and others
come to life. Put on the special 3D glasses, like you do in 3D movies and watch
your favourite characters peep out of the book as you flip over the pages.
The 3D book series is a clever creation to allure your senses and establish a
visually stunning world where both young and adults can rediscover the magic of
classic tales and be enchanted.

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